What Is A Laminate Veneer ?

When the teeth are discolored, or especially, malformed, laminate veneers provide an excellent cosmetic solution.
This modality involves bonding specially prepared wafer-thin shells of porcelain veneers onto the teeth so as to create a cosmetic improvement for unattractive front teeth. Thanks to their solid structures and non-fading colors, laminate veneers are adequate in most cases to ensure a natural function and look for teeth. With veneers you can smile self confidently ! Made of porcelain, these veneers are hard and thin structures. They are break-resistant. They can be crafted and bonded on existing teeth with high harmony and accuracy. The porcelain veneer is bonded permanently onto a tooth’s surface using a special resin (an adhesive intermediary substance). An excellent fusion is obtained at the end of the procedure.

When Are Veneers Used ?
They can be used to eliminate discolorations or stains on teeth or to restore poorly shaped teeth.

The main indications can be summarized as follows:

• Discolorations, excessive stains due to antibiotic usage and fluorosis etc. as well as genetic deformations and discolorations, that cannot be eliminated through whitening.
• Treatment of widely spaced teeth (closing diastema)
• Restoration of cracked or eroded teeth
• Correction of preexisting deformed and discolored fillings
• It can provide a near-perfect cosmetic solution for malaligned and curved teeth.

Who Can Benefit From Veneers Treatment ?
Almost everyone! All people in all age groups, complaining of the above mentioned conditions can benefit from the application of laminate veneers. It is not recommended for patients with advanced periodontal disease.

Advantages Of Veneers
When you can’t smile self confidently because of tooth decay, abrasion, crack, or structural anomalies, it is possible through this treatment to provide your teeth with a natural look. While fillings and crowns were the only solutions to correct such unfavorable conditions in the past, new treatment modalities such as laminate veneers are now available.

Advantages of this new modality are as follows:

• A healthy and natural look is ensured through a minor intervention.
• Only a small niche as thick as a nail is opened on your tooth (which is not always necessary)
• Lasts shorter than alternative procedures.
• Veneers are made of strong, resistant and not-fading materials.

Are Laminate Veneers Long-Lasting And Resistant ?
Laminate veneers can be used trouble-free for very long times (20 to 25 years) if a good oral hygiene is maintained.
They are made of stain- and abrasion-resistant porcelain. In order to prolong their lifespan, it is recommended to keep up good daily care and abstain from chewing on hard food substances.

What is the Laminate Veneer Procedure ?
Laminate pictures
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