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Fotona Light Walker - All Tissue Laser

The Fastest Lasers in Hard Tissue

Fidelis lasers can perform the fastest and most conservative cavity-preparation techniques available.

* Revolutionary Variable Square Pulse™ Technology: greater flexibility, superior clinical results
* Super Short Pulse: superior cutting speed in hard tissue
* Contact and non-contact handpieces
* User-friendly articulated arm delivery system ensures maximum power transmission and reduces ongoing consumable costs

1. State-of-the-art Technology:
* attract more patients
* offer the latest treatments
* save time
* increase practice profitability

2. Cavity Preparation

* Efficient cutting of enamel: super short pulse with high peak power
* Selective removal of caries
* No anaesthesia required in most cases
* More pulp-friendly than conventional drilling
* No smear layer
* Immediate sterilisation of the cavity
* Unique sound control while cutting carious dentine versus healthy dentine
* Cleaning of pit and fissures without removing healthy tissue

3. Other Applications

* Removal of oral lesions
* Frenectomy
* Crown lengthening
* Desensitising
* Implant exposure
* Calculus removal
* Apicectomy
* Sterile bone cutting
* Oral Surgery

4. How does it work?

The laser energy of the LightWalker All-Tissue Dental Laser is combined with a fine water mist spray and is absorbed by tissue containing water, such as tooth structure, bone and soft tissue. This removes tissue without thermal damage to surrounding or underlying areas.

The `cold cutting’ characteristics of the Fidelis laser, mean that most cavity preparation cases and some soft tissue procedures can be performed without anaesthesia.

The LightWalker All-Tissue Dental Laser is the fastest laser in hard tissue. It achieves superior cutting by combining three important features:

* Variable Square Pulse technology (including Super Short Pulse mode)
* Articulated arm delivery system
* Non-contact high-speed handpieces

This unique combination allows the LightWalker to cut enamel efficiently and selectively remove caries, while offering the universal benefits of laser cavity preparation.

Accordingly, the LightWalker is a comprehensive cavity preparation tool. It is not limited to `caries therapy’ and does not require a high-speed or slow-speed drill to complete anterior or posterior multi-surface cavity preparation cases. This fact sets the Fidelis apart from all other lasers.

The LightWalker range of lasers has been developed to meet the needs of practitioners wanting to offer their patients the maximum benefits of laser technology.

5. LightWalker All-Tissue Dental Laser

The LightWalker All-Tissue Dental Laser is the world’s most advanced hard and soft tissue dental laser, incorporating all of the state-of-the-art features of the Fidelis AT combined with a dedicated soft-tissue laser.

Not only is the LightWalker All-Tissue Dental Laser the fastest laser in hard tissue, it is also the most haemostatic and versatile in soft tissue of all hard and soft tissue lasers. The Fidelis AT gives the practitioner the best of both worlds in a single floor-standing unit. Unrivalled versatility in soft and hard tissue

Applications include:
* Incorporates all standard LightWalker features & applications
* Extended range of soft-tissue applications
* Complete haemostasis: better than ErCr:YSGG & Er:YAG
* Anaesthesia free soft-tissue surgery in a range of cases
* Endodontics
* Periodontics
* Hard and soft tissue crown lengthening
* Implant surgery
* Desensitising & enhanced fluoride treatments
* Oral surgery

Ozone generator

The ozone generator Prozone, is the perfect device for better treatment results for disinfection - eliminating bacteria, viruses and mycosis in virtually all aspects of dentistry.

Dental Digital Tomographic Function & Panaromic x-ray

Owandys I-Max Touch 3D was built for patient safety and comfort as well as ease of use.,

Featuring a field of view of 8 cm x 9 cm and low-dose radiation, its intuitive touch-screen controls can be learned in minutes.

The I-Max Touch is upgradeable with tomography and cephalometry modules. Unlike other digital pans with built-in obsolescence,

this is the panoramic that grows with a practice.

Dentistry today has advanced leaps and bounds over the last decade. An OPG ( Full mouth X-ray ) is considered to be a luxury to any private practice due to the high cost factor of the system. In line with our colleagues in the US and UK in which major and minor dental procedure warrant the use of a Panoramic X-ray machine, the International Dental Centre now has its own in house machine. Its an invaluable tool in proper diagnosis and treatment planning as a lot of pathology that shows on an OPG x-ray is not visible on a IOPA ( small X-ray ) and as such your case may not be treated properly. We encourage all patients going for major or minor Dental treatment to insist for an OPG X-ray with their Dentist.

A panographic x-ray gives us a panoramic view of your mouth. It provides valuable information about:

The position of wisdom teeth, receding bone levels, which is a sign of periodontal disease For Implant surgery
For jaw-joint problems
For sinus problems , For Orthodontic Diagnosis
The Process of X-ray making 

The x-ray film is positioned outside your mouth, and the x-ray head rotates around you. A lead apron protects the rest of your body while our technician takes x-rays of your mouth. Dental x-rays use high-speed film, so the amount of radiation exposure is very low. Panographic x-ray only adds about as much radiation as you'd get from 10 extra days of natural background radiation. Even if you've recently had other x-rays taken, a Panographic x-ray does not add to that exposure.
Panographic x-rays are comfortable and safe. They give our dentist information that he can't get from any other source.
As well been able to take a panoromic x ray of your mouth in dental clinics dentists have the facility to take a peri-apical x ray, this enables us to focus on a spesific area showing us finer details


Preventing the spread of AIDS, hepatitis, herpes viruses, tuberculosis and agents of other infectious diseases is of the utmost importance in dentistry.

Health and safety of the patient and staff are our clinic's first priority and infection control is taken very seriously. That is why we have implemented the most progressive and globally acknowledged infection control techniques, approved by the Public Health Center. These include the following:

Doctors and their assistants wear disposable masks and caps, gloves, the patient's and staff's eyes are protected with spectacles and plastic visors. We wear sterile disposable coats, gloves, and caps during operations.

Disinfectant Wipe–Down of Surfaces
Operative surfaces (table, machines, chairs, spittoon, etc.) are cleaned with special disinfection solutions before each patient's treatment.

Disposable instruments
Disposable instruments (scalpels, syringes, suction tips) of high quality are used during operations. After each patient's treatment these instruments are discarded to a special container.

Instrument sterilization
We use the most modern techniques for instrument disinfection and sterilization. Instruments are sterilized in autoclave with high heat and pressurized steam.

Sterilization control
All instruments for sterilization are packed in special bags with color changing indicators. Indicator strips changing colors are placed in autoclave between bags. Changing of all indicator colors gives assurance that sterilization has been carried out properly.

Therefore, when you are sitting in a dental chair and you hear the ripping sound of a bag opening, you can be sure – the instruments are sterile!


Ems Piezon Surgery

A revolution in dental surgery
Based on 30 years of experience with the Original Piezon® Method from EMS and the ongoing development of this unique technology, the Piezon Master Surgery unit is available for dental, oral and maxillary surgery. Innovation and expertise combine to deliver precision, safety, power and intelligence in a multitude of surgical applications and procedures.
Piezon Master Surgery could not be easier to operate. Touch ‘n' Go technology for setting the power and flowrate is your assurance of precision of movement for enhanced tissue protection and top results.
Periodontal Surgery
Osteotomy and osteoplasty, extraction of autogenous bone for regenerative surgery.
Alveolar ridge splitting, sinus lift, extraction of autogenous bone, implant site preparation.
Oral surgery
Extraction, root resection, syndesmotomy, orthodontic surgery.
Maxillary surgery
Extraction of bone cylinders, osteogenetic distraction, nerve transposition, sinus elevation, distraction osteogenesis.
Autopiloted power delivers perfectly straight vibrations, back and forth as well as up and down. With micrometric cutting in the 60-200 µm range, the unit causes hardly any bone loss. A permanent cooling system prevents any heat build-up and therefore avoids any treatment interruption.

When working in sensitive areas, the practitioner will choose the Standard Mode to deliver constant amplitude and vibration. Modulated amplitude and continuous vibration ensure optimum instrument

performance for effective bone cutting in Surgery Mode.

Nitrogen Protoxide

Our Laboratory



Sleeperone Anesthetic System (PAINLESS)

 Excellence in intraligamentary anesthesia !
Associated with the DHT 30G-9mm Needles, SleeperOne is the most efficient system in intraligamentary and intraseptal anesthesia !
On a daily basis, it brings an end to twisted needles, multiple punctures, pain and effort during the injection.
SleeperOne is also the guarantee of completely pain-free anesthesias, even for palatal anesthesias or for children !
How do you obtain such a promising result ?

Precision : the basis of sucessful anesthesia !

Would you think of drilling a tooth with no foot control and no support points ? No ! So why should it be different in anesthesia ? 

As for all appliances that require huge precision (micro motor, contra-angle, laser...), the SleeperOne handpiece enables a "pen" grip and the control is carried out from a pedal. These characteristics are the only ones able to guarantee the precision needed to performpainless gingival anesthesia and intraligamentary penetration without torsion. You finally have an effective tool for working quickly and well !

İntraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are an excellent means of allowing the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth. It is much easier to understand what is happening in your mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor. This digital image can be utilized to provide information to insurances and other doctors if necessary.


Air-Flow system is ideal for hygienists. By using a jet formed of a mixture of air, powder and water, the Air-Flow removes dental plaque, soft deposits and surface stains from pits, grooves, interproximal spaces and smooth surfaces of the teeth without harming tooth enamel. The Air-Flow can be used in the Orthodontics dental by cleaning brackets and band.
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