Ems Piezon Surgery

Ems Piezon Surgery

Ems Piezon Surgery

A revolution in dental surgery
Based on 30 years of experience with the Original Piezon® Method from EMS and the ongoing development of this unique technology, the Piezon Master Surgery unit is available for dental, oral and maxillary surgery. Innovation and expertise combine to deliver precision, safety, power and intelligence in a multitude of surgical applications and procedures.

Piezon Master Surgery could not be easier to operate. Touch ‘n' Go technology for setting the power and flowrate is your assurance of precision of movement for enhanced tissue protection and top results.

Periodontal Surgery

Osteotomy and osteoplasty, extraction of autogenous bone for regenerative surgery 

Alveolar ridge splitting, sinus lift, extraction of autogenous bone, implant site preparation.

Oral surgery

Extraction, root resection, syndesmotomy, orthodontic surgery.

Maxillary surgery

Extraction of bone cylinders, osteogenetic distraction, nerve transposition, sinus elevation, distraction osteogenesis.

Autopiloted power delivers perfectly straight vibrations, back and forth as well as up and down. With micrometric cutting in the 60-200 µm range, the unit causes hardly any bone loss. A permanent cooling system prevents any heat build-up and therefore avoids any treatment interruption.

When working in sensitive areas, the practitioner will choose the Standard Mode to deliver constant amplitude and vibration. Modulated amplitude and continuous vibration ensure optimum instrument

performance for effective bone cutting in Surgery Mode.

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